Up n’ Forward Vol.2

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23 Febbraio dalle Ore 15


In collaborazione con IAM siamo lieti di presentarvi il duo Desuba che ospiteremo nella seconda edizione di Up n’ Forward.
Nel pomeriggio del 23 Febbraio si svolgerà il Workshop musicale con gli artisti Londinesi, i quali mostreranno le loro capacità da produttori, per poi mettersi nelle vesti da dj e continuare la serata.

Desuba’s identity is articulated by two inseparable souls, born and raised in the same city within the same background. From old school hip-hop and classic hard rock, the Italian duo has always been involved in music, since early childhood. Their journey evolved into electronic music while raving and playing at local clubs.
They subsequently founded their musical inspiration into eclectic minimal house music which have pushed them to move in the UK’s capital.
Their desire to show their capabilities led them to create their very first own project, Grounded parties, which gave them the honour to share the deck with some of the greatest artists of the electro, house and minimal scene. They have recently established a brand new concept in London called noend, from which they managed to travel abroad and play in different countries like UK, Romania, Switzerland and Italy moving the crowds of most iconic clubs like Fabric London, Supermarket Zurich, DKR Milano, Gradina Monteoru Bucharest and many more.
As just the DJ-ing experience was not enough to fulfil their passion for music, they dived into the world of audio productions, releasing some tasty ones with local records labels, but their very best is yet to come.”

Workshop 15:00 – 18:00

Musica 21:00 – 03:00



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